Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is teak?
A. Teak is a beautiful, closed grained hardwood that works well in outdoor environments because of its natural oils that help prevent rotting and deterioration.

Q. Why does it turn grey or even black over time?
A. Unfortunately, the oils present in the teak wood provide a very good meal for many types of mold and mildew which causes this most common discoloration. Exposure to sunlight and weather will also over time change the wood to a silver-grey color.

Q. Couldn't I just clean it with a mildew remover?
A. Household cleaners such as bleach and tri-sodium phosphate (TSR) will clean, but do not kill the mold spores embedded within the wood. Even worse though is the fact that strong cleaners and detergents will literally dissolve the teak.

Q. How often should it be cleaned?
A. We recommend about every 6 months, but it really depends on how much traffic your wood is seeing.